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Our commitment to ensuring our client’s safety to restoring and protect you, your family and businesses
from mold damage. No matter the size or scope of your request, rest assured that we will tackle
the problem with efficiency and full compliance from start to finish. Our certified team are ready to
take care of your concerns and restore your environment.

Do I Have Mold?

Mold is a severe and dangerous issue that can cause long-term illness and chronic conditions
if left untreated. Our expert team of mold inspectors are available to restore homes, properties,
and possessions that have been damaged by mold.


We combine industry insight with innovative mold removal technology to protect your health
and property against mold damage. With 10 plus years of experience, we are proud to serve
customers across South & Central Florida.

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My Testimonials

Felix B.

I'm very pleased with the services of Kobra Environmental. I called so many companies regarding my mold concern but most of them said they will come on Monday which is not what I wanted to hear but Kobra is something else, they literally came one hour after I made the call. That is service. I highly recommend them. Their reports are very informative.

Jamie L.

We had a slow leak in a water pipe in our home that in time, allowed dangerous mold to grow. The mold remediation provided by Kobra Environmental Inc. was professional, effective, very detailed, and safety was applied in every aspect of the remediation, even with COVID-19 safety. My sensitive allergies are no longer an issue in my own home, for which I am beyond thankful to this company.

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